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Terms and Conditions

Purchase Entitlements

Product Purchases

Ioncube Loader Availability

Purchase entitles the user to usage of the software on one domain and in an encoded state unless otherwise stated. Our products require use of IonCube loaders that are included in the product package. You must have the ability to modify your local php.ini file in order to point to the appropriate loader in the included package. You can ask your host for this permission.

Your host may already have loaders in an alternate location, and may be able to provide the appropriate php.ini directive to that location.

Transfer of your license to this product is officially completed following successful installation of the product in conjunction with the aformentioned loaders, and is dependent on provision of the appropriate means to access those loaders by the purchaser of the product.

System Access Availability

We offer complex software that may or may not have an automated installation package. When you purchase one of our products it is assumed that you have and are able to provide FTP access to your system should we deem that the product in the current state will require installation on your behalf. We will not build on automated installation packages, or utilize remote support software under any circumstances to circumvent a lack of FTP access.

It remains at our discretion whether to install any one of our products on your site at any given time and we reserve the right to cancel the purchase, issue a full refund, and be absolved of any further responsibilty to the purchaser.

Feature Availability

Availability of listed features for any of our products is at no point guaranteed, and we operate in good faith to ensure that all stated product features are available by the close of the installation period. A feature may also have the potential to break during upgrade at which point the customer will have the option to contact us at customerservice@codedonors.com and schedule an investigation by our support team into any apparent feature malfunction.

Damages and Loss of Business

Product Purchases

We will not be held liable for any damages related to the purchase and installation of our products including loss of business, damage to purchaser assets or damages to the assets of any third-party user. As a purchaser of CodeDonors.com products you agree to withold from any lawsuit that would make claims for such damages.

Consulting Services

We will not be held liable nor will we entertain any suggestion that consultative and/or development work on your website has resulted in a loss of revenue. As a purchaser of CodeDonors.com consulting services you agree to withold from any lawsuit that would make claims for such damages.

Refund Eligibility

Product Purchases

Once we have begun to install one of our products the customer is no longer eligible for a refund for any reason. This is due to the fact that installation takes a number of hours and often involves a bit of customization to your site. We will provide a list of changes made on installation at your request. Certain changes are style related and are not documented. These changes are performed in good faith to improve the look of your site in conjunction with an installed product for display to your customers.

Following purchase of certain products we may contact you to verify that you understand the specific product capabilities/limitations. At such time the purchaser will have the opportunity to request a refund should the purchased product not meet their needs. If the purchaser or other appointed party continues to contact CodeDonors.com under the assumption they will somehow be entitled to custom development at no cost then the purchaser will no longer be eligible for a refund.

Custom Product Development

The timeline for availability of custom products (ie, those that are built for your use as the first customer) cannot be guaranteed due to the complex nature of our products and has the potential to fluctuate by up to a month. When you purchase a new custom product we take a significant risk with regard to allocation of development resources. Therefore claims with regard to the timeliness of delivery and stated feature availability on such products will be dismissed under all circumstances.

Payment for Products & Services

Payment for existing products and consulting services is due up front under all circumstances.