• Businesses small and large rely on our shipping systems each day to send domestic and international packages
  • Our accurate quoting systems will give you the edge over competitors
  • Quoting system flexibility allows you to offer promotional and fixed pricing to your customers to accommodate most any scenario
  • Print labels with the click of a button and track packages with real-time updates from your provider
  • We are also an experienced leader in all areas of technical support

Check out our new website!

CodeDonors.com now has a new website to provide you with a better user experience and improved product offerings. We have broken out our products to offer budget-friendly solutions although it is still possible to take advantage of all of our standard features including:

  • Accurate rate quoting
  • The ability to print shipping labels
  • Package tracking in your order details screen
  • Customer address validation

‚ÄčNow if one of your clients needs rate quoting only we can offer you the rates only version of the extension with the option to upgrade to a fully featured extension at a later date.  

Keep in mind that our label printing and tracking components rely on the rate quoting version of our extension and will not integrate in the same way with other quoting extensions.  Those other guys' extensions lack the accuracy, regular auditing and years of development that have gone into our extensions so we highly recommend starting with one of ours rather than throwing in a clunker!

Over the past few months alone our extensions have continued to improve with more refined coding and new features to give you greater flexibility when offering quotes to your customers.  We also have a new Chrome extension for easy connection to your thermal printer.

Thank you again for your continued patronage and the opportunity you have given us to help you over the years.

Best regards,

Jeremy McDonald


Date Added: 10/26/2015