• Businesses small and large rely on our shipping systems each day to send domestic and international packages
  • Our accurate quoting systems will give you the edge over competitors
  • Quoting system flexibility allows you to offer promotional and fixed pricing to your customers to accommodate most any scenario
  • Print labels with the click of a button and track packages with real-time updates from your provider
  • We are also an experienced leader in all areas of technical support

SEO & Marketing Consultation


Each online business has a unique challenge to address in marketing their goods or services. Improving your ROI depends on whether you are doing the right things for your specific business model. Over the years we've worked with every type of e-commerce business that has had an online presence. Our experience in e-commerce allows us to see the big picture when it comes it your operations. Let us help you help you to establish a better foothold in your market by pinpointing those areas that need work and applying our advanced technical skills.


Here is a brief list of the services we provide that can help push you toward operational success:

  • Website Optimization - Speed is key when it comes to getting your website crawled and ranked by search engines. We possess the tools and know-how to bring your website speed up to industry standards. Image optimization & compression, CSS reduction & minification, and analysis/removal of unneeded javascript code are just a few techniques we can apply to make your site fast!
  • Keyword Targeting - We will review your Google Webmaster's stats and look at what keywords can be targeted for improvement. We can then use that information to perform bulk updates using queries, website structural modifications or code modifications in order to improve your positions within the Google search results.
  • Catalog Refinement - If you have lots of products and they were free-handed into the backend of the website, then it is likely based on our experience that your catalog does not look very good. If you're working with distributors, then we can write custom scripts to pull in your entire inventory and clean it up at the same time. Advanced querying can be used to clean up existing catalog records. We can also modify the editor configuration in your store to allow for minimal use of HTML tags and provide an instructional video for your employees on how to create attractive product descriptions with just 5 or 6 HTML tags. These are just some of the methods we can use to help push your retail business toward success.
  • Usability Analysis - If your categories are not easily navigable, then potential customers may leave prior to finding what they were looking for. We can help to re-organize your category structure so that your customers stick around more and buy more. Creating relationships between your products increases keyword density and lends itself to up-selling merchandise. We can run advanced queries to create relations in bulk. If your store system does not make relating products an easy task, then we can also offer custom scripts to assist in the process. We have a number of assets on hand to use in these processes, or to use as a stepping-off point for a solution that's suited specifically to your business.
  • Automation - Automating your daily tasks helps you to keep on top of things without lifting a finger. We can automate your data-transfer, reporting or web-scraping needs using scripts built with PHP, Python, bash or Perl.