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CD WebP Images for Joomla

CD WebP Images for Joomla


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This WebP image plugin will turn your Joomla JPG and PNG images into WebP with handling for both images and link images. The plugin extracts images and link images from your components, modules or other content and produces a proper picture tag with fallback for non-supportive browsers. Javascript is also included as another fallback. This small bit of code will serve the original image in the case of a corrupted WebP image (as designated by the browser).

Configuration is easy. Simply specify the image directories of the images that you would like converted.

For example, you can convert all virtuemart product images by adding: /images/stories/virtuemart/product

- or -

you can convert all website JPG and PNG images1 by adding directory /images

You can also specify the percent quality of the WebP output, and specify how long to store the image.

This plugin helps to optimize your page load and resolves the Google recommendation to serve images in next-gen formats. WebP will reduce your images file sizes substantially in most cases.

1) There may be instances where this plugin is not able to interpret/convert an image based on the specific display handling of a 3rd-party plugin or extension.

Please note: This plugin requires the use of IonCube loaders, which in most cases can be activated easily via your hosting account. The plugin is licensed for use and support on one domain unless a multiple licenses are purchased.


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