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Product Specific Pricing

This plugin for our FedEx and UPS shipping extensions allows you to set specific shipping prices per product. Here is how it works...

You specify a product, a shipping level from the list of installed Complete Ship shipping providers, a price to charge per product, an over quantity (ie, a level at which this pricing will kick in), and start or end dates. You can also add a note for your records. Click on the pictures below for a visual:

Per Product Shipping 1  Per Product Shipping 2  Per Product Shipping 3

Products that are not on the Product Specific Pricing list for an enabled shipping level will be quoted for using the associated API (FedEx, UPS, etc...). The rate returned is then combined with your specific pricing. For example, you have set $5 shipping for a shovel and they also order a power sander. The component contacts FedEx to quote for power sander (say at $8.73). Then $5 is added to that amount and the customer sees (FedEx Home Delivery - $13.73).

This plugin could be used to ensure:

  • Free shipping for a specific product (i.e., if you would like to offer a promotion).
  • Higher pricing for an item that usually takes more effort to ship.
  • Lower pricing for small flat-rate items. (Keep in mind, however, that shipping for these items may cost more than a FedEx or UPS Ground rate as more items are added to the cart.)

There is no exact science to using this plugin, and it is therefore offered as is. We will pursue opportunities to develop it in ways that make sense and as time permits. One nice feature is the "over quantity" field where you can specify that if they order over zero of a product it costs $3 per item, if they order over five of a product it costs $2 per item and so on.   

Another one of our offerings, the Zone Module Vendor Category component, is used in combination with a Complete Ship provider plugin (ie, FedEx Complete or UPS Complete). It allows a more robust functionality where you can set a flat price per pound between any two destinations in the world, and it also works with multiple vendors so you can say that:

Folks who order from Italy...
receive shipments from your vendor's address in Switzerland...
when ordering items in the category Statues...
and the shipping cost is $3 per pound.

- or -

Folks who order from England...
receive shipments from your vendor's address in England...
when order any item...
and shipment is quoted by FedEx.

Note: This plugin is meant to be used in combination with one of our Complete Ship provider plugins like FedEx Complete or UPS Complete. We find that utilizing a shipper's API is the best way to offer shipping to your customers for a number of reasons.

For one, a customer can perceive when they are paying too much for shipping and this can happen easily if you are trying to "set rates manually" on a large number of products. Also, if your customer is paying too little then you are eating the rest.