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VirtueMart Product Review Reminders

VirtueMart Product Review Reminders



When it comes to marketing your physical store on Google it is often your Google Reviews that make the difference.  Your rating in comparison to others in your local market can determine:

  • Your placement on the list of search results
  • Whether or not your store is seen as a formidable resource for your product or service

We know you work hard in each of your customer interactions.  Now you can:

  • Turn your hard work into positive reviews
  • Shore up your business's image to the point of being a leader in your local market

Our automated review collection plugin for VirtueMart actively e-mails your customers following their online order using a cron job.  The cron job is run daily in order to initiate the process, and you set the number of days following an order at which to send an e-mail.  This gives your customers sufficient time to receive and use the purchased product.  Our plugin offers the following features:

  • Provides a direct link to the review form on your Google My Business profile for reviews of your overall business.
  • Provides direct links to the product details pages for each product purchased. This gives the customer an opportunity to submit a product review on your VirtueMart website.
  • Add a special code segment to your "Ratings" model file and bypass the customers' need to log-in, while still keeping your review form hidden from the public.
  • Designate to only send reminders for orders of a certain status (i.e., "Shipped" orders)
  • Text segments in your e-mail reminder are fully customizable including the Subject, Body and Signature
  • E-mails are sent using SMTP, which ensures that they are delivered to your customer's Inbox.
  • Set a day range which is useful for initial collection of reviews on orders that were placed prior to plugin installation

We've seen it before:

  • A business that has been open for 20 years with 10 reviews. 
  • A fledgling business that only has 5 reviews and 3 of them are poor because only upset customers have run to Google to leave a review.

In the meantime your local competition has 100 or even a 1000 reviews. You could spend hours developing a process to manually procure reviews only to forget that process next month.  Now is the time to catch up and potentially eclipse your competitors with this fully automated solution.  

As part of your purchase we will support you to get this plugin up and running, and will respond to any support inquiries (including requests for updated installation files) for 3-years following purchase.at no additional cost.

Please note: This product relies on the availability of IonCube loaders.



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