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Exclude Shipping Method for VirtueMart

Exclude Shipping Method for VirtueMart



Exclude Shipping Method for VirtueMart allows you to prevent shipping plugin display when certain criteria are met.

Right now you can exclude based on the following:

  • Order total weight
  • Order subtotal
  • Length, width, height or girth of any product in the shipment
  • Buyer state
  • Buyer zip code
  • When certain product categories are present in the cart
  • When certain products are present in the cart

Exclusion records are easy to add.  Say, for example, that you don't want to ship orders with a total weight over 50lbs by the US Postal Service:

Create a record, add an Exclude Total Weight value of 50 and select your USPS plugin.  Then click save.

Or say you want to ship via FedEx if the weight is over 50lbs, but not if the weight is under 50lbs:  Simply enter -50, select your FedEx module and save. Now FedEx will show for over 50lbs but not below.

When used with our UPS and FedEx plugins the system can be used to remove specific shipping services (i.e., 2-Day or Ground).

Other plugins may require additional coding to restrict specific shipping services.  We are happy to assist in such situations.  One Page checkout systems and other shipping plugins may require additional customization if they do not use the standard VirtueMart frontend display function.

Our shipping rate plugins for UPS and FedEx have the built-in ability to restrict ground shipping when the transit time exceeds a certain number of days.


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