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How can I fix issues with getting the Java print applet to load?

It may be necessary to specify in your Java settings that you will allow applets to run on your own website. Please refer to the following images to open your Java settings and add your domains (both http:// and https://) to the exception list. Be sure to use the www and/or non-www version depending on how your website functions. We recommend an .htaccess redirect to one or the other.

As of Chrome version 42 (May 2015) there may be the need to re-enable NPAPI support as it has been deprecated. We are working on a solution to this and will update our customers as soon as it is released. The current workaround can be found here: https://java.com/en/download/faq/chrome.xml After enabling NPAPI make sure to relaunch your browser and follow the java prompts. Closing the applet window and reloading your page will help to relaunch the Java applet for orders that are not already in "Shipped" status.

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